If you are all set to tie the knot sometime soon, so here are some of the craziest things every woman should do before getting married.  The list of the crazy things one should do before getting married will make your jaws drop. If you take a look at the list which is lined up for you, It will surely amaze you and provide you with some fun ideas. So what are you waiting for? Just take a look at the insane list of things every woman should do before going to lifetime detention or in other words before getting married.

1. Go on a Bachelor Trip with your girl’s gang

2. Get yourself Inked

Before Mariage


3 Try Sky Diving and feel like a free bird before someone lock you in cage

4. Take Crazy Selfies and discover the craziness in you

5. Kiss A total Stranger

Before Marriage

6. Go on a Blind Date

7. Scream on Crowdy Road